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1977 Alice Paul grave stone
Painting Alice Paul
Sewall Belmont banner ~ Mr. President
1913 Parade Route March 3
1920 LIFE
Alice Paul and President Harding
1913 Votes for Women
Alice Paul's Bracelet
1913 Jan 21, check signed by Alice Paul
1920 19th Amendment
Alice Pail Describes Force Feeding
1977 July 9
1910 Alice Sails for Home
1913 The Allegory Tableau
1913 Womans Journal
Alice Paul in NY Times
1920 Suffragist
Alice Paul in Paper
ERA button
1977 July 10
Alice Pail Describes Force Feeding
Modern Alice Paul
Alice Paul in New York Times
AP from Americans Who Tell the Truth
Alva article
1977 July 9
Sewall Belmont banner Failure is Impossible
Alice Paul Stamp
Sewall Belmont Banner ~ The Young are at the Gate
Pin Given Those Who Served Time
Robert clarkson brooks
President Wilson with wife and 3 daughters.  Mother's Day Proclamation