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December 05, 2006


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Sandy D.

I'd like to include this in the next Carnival of Feminists (on Dec. 20): http://feministcarnival.blogspot.com/ .

layla love

I learn so much from the women that come before me on this path we share- but I want to learn more- I want us to deeply know each other- i want to hear the stories of battles that have won me the rights I now hold- I want you to teach me how you held the tools and I will share with you how I have learned to hold my own- the world is ever changing. We write different chapters of the same story. There is no time to compete for power amongst ourselves. The rest of the world is at war- let us be united. I celebrate each season that we turn- wise, ripe and ready- every feminist I have meet has a timelessness of the heart, driven by the passion of wanting more- from claiming the right to live- out load and unashamed- of our endless and ageless beauty.
tonight and every night I thank you all...

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